Vault Campus Authentication Options


Vault Campus supports multiple types of authentication, allowing members of approved educational institutions to seamlessly access their Vault Campus content. Vault Campus supports both IP and SSO. We also offer the ability for users to self-register for off-campus Student and Alumni use of Vault Campus. 


IP-based authentication is designed to give users direct access to Vault Campus, bypassing username and password login. If an institution has a static IP address or range of IP addresses through which it connects to the Internet, IP authentication can provide easy and secure access to the full feature set of Vault Campus.


After a simple setup process, educators and/or students can access Vault Campus using the same credentials they use to log in to the campus-wide SSO. We offer SAML, CAS & Azure set-ups.


By using your custom  Vault Campus URL, users can sign up to access Vault Campus through a short registration process. 


If your institution is interested in implementing any of these authentication features, please contact the Vault Campus Technical Support team, at, to learn about specific setup requirements for each option.

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