Single Sign-On: CAS Set-Up


** Download the fillable form PDF **


Single Sign-on with CAS Customer Requirements: When you are ready to proceed with CAS authentication, please contact Vault Customer Support at They will provide you with the URL needed in step 3 below if your Customer Success Manager did not already provide URL details. Once you have completed all the steps and required information listed, please return completed form to


1. Is your Vault platform in active use? Yes No 


2. Please provide the following: 

• Hostname ________________________________ 

• Port _____________________________________ 

• Context (usually “/cas”) _____________________________________________ 

• Protocol (CAS 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, or CAS over SAML 1.1) ________________________  


3. Create records for the “development” and “production” versions of your platform based on the below URLs and check once complete: 

• {yourplatform}.vault.test 

• {yourplatform} 


4. Please provide more information about mapping for your data. The Vault platform can prepopulate the following user data during SSO. Please let us know what attribute name to expect for the below attributes: 

• First Name ______________________ 

• Last Name ______________________ 

• Email Address ______________________ 

• Unique ID (username, SAML ID, email) ______________________ 

• A single degree name (“PhD”) OPTIONAL ______________________ 

• A single field of study (“Computer Science”) OPTIONAL ____________________ 

• Graduation Year OPTIONAL ______________________


5. Provide test credentials if possible. 

  • Username: ______________________ Password: ______________________ 


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