How to Research Law Practice Areas


Research dozens of law practice areas with Vault. Discover what it's like to practice in each area, learn about potential career paths, view top-ranked firms in each practice area, and read practice Q&A's from attorneys at top-ranked firms.

Practice Area Overviews and Q&A's

  1. Select Vault Law from the header navigation.
  2. On the Vault Law page, scroll down to the Practice Area Q&A's.
  3. Click on "View All" 

  1. On the Law Practice Areas landing page, click on an individual practice area, such as Antitrust. mceclip4.png
  2. Individual practice area pages feature:
    • An overview of the practice area.
    • Recommended classes.
    • Career paths.
    • Featured Q&A's - interviews with lawyers working in the practice area, which give an insider's view on working in that practice area.
    • Vault's top-ranked law firms in that practice area.

Practice Area Rankings

Vault's practice area rankings include those firms voted strongest in each practice area by associates working in that practice area at peer firms.

  1. Select Vault Rankings on the main navigation bar.
  2. On the rankings landing page, select Law on the industry slider.
  3. Scroll down to the Best Law Firms by Practice Area section, where you will find links to the different law practice area rankings.

Practice Perspectives Guides

Practice Perspectives: Vault's Guide to Legal Practice Areas is the insider's guide to what it's really like to practice at the nation's top law firms. These guides contain interviews with attorneys from top-ranked practices across many law firms. Among the topics covered in these Q&A's are typical tasks, notable clients, the best and most challenging aspects of working in the specific practice areas, and the misconceptions about each specialty. You can search for Practice Perspectives guides through the main search, or:

  1. Select Vault Guides on the main navigation bar.
  2.  Select Law in the guide category list.


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